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of the world the world class city of san francisco congratulations everybody for being a hero today. you know the san francisco hospital foundation the general hospital foundation has been such a wonderful wonderful entity and i want to just thank stephanie your leadership, i want to thank julie and rich at the board with all of the other board members, the staff at the hospital, all of the staph, you know sometimes the doctors have to do it's emergency work but what makes that whole hospital run is literally everybody that works at the hospital from the social workers to the accountants to the administrators to the nurses, and nurse practitioner and is the doctors and all of the fundraisers thank you everybody for working together. and for today, again, a big thanks to ellen and pam for your leadership and bringing the hearts and the heros together. it's such a wonderful just community effort to support our general hospital and all of the work that it does. everybody knows what it does already. but i also want to say there are other heros that you are acknowledging today and i would li
's history month to recognize the efforts of women in our great city and county of san francisco. women's history month is a time to appreciate the contributions of our women leaders in our communities who have been courageous in proving the quality of life for all san franciscans. since 1996, the san francisco commission and the department on the status of women ~ has recognized the vital work and contributions of women throughout our community through this program, and i would like to invite dr. emilie morasi who is the executive director of that agency to say a few words about the history of this event. >> thank you very much, president chiu. i am joined today by commissioner kay [speaker not understood]. i'd like to ask her to come on up. she's very familiar with these chambers, having served as clerk for many, many years. and if there are any other commissioners who joined us, please come on up. i have just returned from japan through the u.s. japan council and as a guest of the ministry of foreign affairs. 10 of us throughout the united states traveled to japan for a week. we met
heros san francisco police officers john coffee and david sans . >> thank you things going to be short and sweet and but i like too thank my hair cannot be that white ... i like to thank all my interfere and is especially gregg surfor allowing us do what we do is special thank to supervisor camp poe and is his assistants for always being there for us and i know the mayor left but if there is anything in this room that can get they two minutes of his time, i know i can get this city to be a safer place for awful us. with the help of my partner. and then in closing i'll like to say there is a lot of beautiful hearts here and there were some big ones on the way in and none of them came as whole with the love that i have for my if girlfriend. plast. >> that was short. i thought i was going to stand there for an hour. first i would just like to thank every everyone for their support and this idea that has become so much more with their help and captains col rails and most zero and our sergeant and supervisor kayser camp poe and is his staff and micro, my family, who's here today,
right now in san francisco would go a long way to say that we kind of got this thing figured out, but we can always get better. before i leave and pass it over to the panel and back over to audrey, maybe for about five minutes i can take any questions. i never want to leave without hearing it from me. ok, jocelyn, they are all happy. thank you. [applause] >> our board of supervisors is very important to us. they make laws that we have to follow. it gives me great pleasure to introduce the president of the board of supervisors, david chiu. [applause] >> good afternoon. first, if any of you have ever wondered what an ls -- and elected officials sounds like with anesthesia and his mouth, i want to let you know that i got out of a dental chair 20 minutes ago after a few hours of dentists work. but i wanted to give a few remarks of how i think we are doing. i'm very much more are optimistic about how we're doing than four years ago. i read an article from the chronicle and it said that the candidates disagreed on everything, except for the need to crack down on entertainment violence. i did n
>> san francisco is home to some of the most innovative companies of the 21st century. this pioneering and forward looking spirit is alive in san francisco government as well. the new headquarters of the san francisco public utilities commission at a5 25 golden gate avenue is more than just a 13-story building and office ablation. instead, city leaders, departments and project managers join forces with local architectural firms ked to build one of the greatest office buildings in america. that's more than a building. or pre-offer payment to ensure the taxi driver not matter whether the customer can be found, that the taxi driver is guaranteed some return for making the effort to service that order. >> i am glad that is not precluded. again i would express my strong personal support -- i think some taxicab drivers for that idea -- i will save the pontificating for later. >> thank you for saving the pontificating. >> it's st. joseph's day. >> in terms of the idea that we are opening this information up for the marketplace to develop an app or a series of apps, and let
themselves okay good afternoon sir. >> hi i have lived in san francisco since 1980 and have been driving a tax i since 1984 i think that all of these people who are here have only one question. what is the beef? okay? after many years of driving a taxi cab in san francisco, i feel that i make less than minimum wage in san francisco. minimum wage in san francisco since 2000 has been 10 dollars per hour many taxi drivers are making less than 10 dollars an hour per hour when i started driving a taxi 1984 the number of taxi cabs in san francisco were only 650 right now the number is 1700 cabs. at the same time every single day there are twaen between 7 hundred and 9 hundred limos are operating illegally in san francisco and at the same time the population of san francisco since 1980 which was 735 thousand right now it has reached to 8 hundred thousand people okay? 650 taxi cabs in 1984 and in 2013735 taxi cabs. at the same time many buses are chartering from one place to another so the taxi driver at the most gets 2 to 3 rides every shift and we're not talking about the city that has a
to build a natural [speaker not understood] in san francisco and the bay area. i've been lucky to work with dedicated and really big hearted people. all of whom believe we can and should do more to reduce our ecological footprint and are working to figure out how. through my work today at spur and with friends of the urban forest, we're helping to move the city forward towards a more sustainable future where there are trees and sidewalk gardens everywhere, where we have zero carbon and an imminently [speaker not understood], not just preparing climate change, but doing everything we can to stop it. i have an [speaker not understood] policy science education and social responsibility and to get to do it here in san francisco where most people believe this is the right direction to be going, any city can demonstrate a model of sustainable development of the world, san francisco is going to be it. so, i would like to again thank you, supervisor tang. i'd like to thank my family for the many ways you support me and my work. my husband is here today, my mom is also here, my son, one of my t
function of our government. i also realized that by san francisco definition that i was dealing with supervisors of three different levels, left, middle and right. and i need to say today that i have never been so impressed in my life by politicians to watch them come together as one and to develop a strategy along with a hospital team for the common good. [ applause ] >> we developed together a process that was transparent. the members of the board of supervisors and the members of the team were able to see all the numbers, budgets, projections and brought in expertise to verify those numbers were real number. we got educated together. we politicized together and then we built trust. i'm not saying it's perfect trust, but we built trust. so i would like to single out david chu, david campos and mark ferrel for the great job they did. [ applause ] >> the mayor's office in particular a great deal of debt. he did a great job. i just don't know who i'm going to talk at midnight anymore. [ laughter ] . i also want to thank people from the department of public health and others from
is a total of $960,000 in funds for 5 different projects, 3 for d p w, san francisco state and cal trans. we pass that had unanimously with minimal discussion and the last one we had was 2013 prop case strategic plan and 5 year prioritization plan and pass that had with a minimum amount of discussion, although the 5 programs funded under 5 k lrt, cal train exception the driver replacement only the glert is not. we are disappointed to hear that. the majority of our discussion was not on your agenda was an update of pedestrian strategy of mpa director for sustainable streets gave a presentation. we are a little disappointed that as a committee that some safety measures like a lot of schools can't be implemented in the near term because of sequel requirements. we wonder if that isn't counterproductive. that's an item on everyone's agenda now i'm sure. that's all we have. >> thank you. colleagues, any questions? thank you so much. this was an informational item. so thank you. let's open this up for public comment. anyone from the public who would like to speak on this item? seeing none, public
in san francisco. gosh, your vision, i have been living with this vision for almost two years now ever since our city engineer said, come with me to this event and you are going to be surprised how we can turn infrastructure to a piece of art. i have worked with so many projects with roads and buildings that we oftentimes cannot lift this heavy piece of metal or holes in the ground an construction and not be able to see the work of art that contributes to this city and future. amy, thank you for your incredible leadership on this. i met you first at this event here but was immediately sold on the possibility that we can unleash art in the most creative way. this is in fact a beacon for our arts community, for a world class city and it has the ability to attract some $50 million of contributions to our economic vitality a huge base of fans that will visit our city. there is going to be 150 million visitors, i think it's going to be $97 million contribution to our committee already scaled by our travel association. so part of it is economics, but i actual, without even having those numbe
like you to welcome the mayor of san francisco, mayor ed lee. [applause] >> thank you, good afternoon, everybody. it's my pleasure to be here to join former mayor willie brown, and supervisor scott wiener and david campos, and the commission of the police department, and friends and staff and friends and family here to witness the promotion of 56 officers of our police department. you know many of you have heard me say in the city that we are the world passage, and rightly so. we are doing things that no other city is doing to lead the way. not just for economic recovery but job creation. showing the way. and our mission bay and biotech, the latest discovers and drugs, the cure of cancer with residents of san francisco working there. we host the biggest and best conventions in the world to bring people together in this great city to do things that collaborate with each other. whether it's business or medicine or research. we have some of the best research and diversity here that are anchoring the discovery. at the same time we host some of the best sports teams in the world. and you k
colleagues in the education department in the fine arts museum of san francisco for an allowing me to speak today. valuable artwork -- rene, director of public programs and last on this list but certainly not least gregory stock who is a programming wizard. i'm so grateful for their individual and collective support. i would also like to thank the production manager who is behind-the-scenes somewhere. he's waving. our production manager consistently provide patient and reliable technical support which is beyond value when lecturing to large audiences like those of you gathered today. without further a do, i'm honored to share with you today paintings that comprise the exhibition here at the museum. girl with a pearl earring, from january 26-june 2nd the museum will be the first venue in the american tour of paintings from the royal picture gallery which is located in haik. how many have individual painting in the normal home? a good number of you. this unique museum is often called the jouleewelry box. it has the world's most prestigious paintings from the morris house which toured in 1982
. so, we are in a scramble here. who is in control here in san francisco? i'm not going to sing today, but i sure want to hear a tune or two. right now i'm so serious because all our people are curious, what's going on here in san francisco? who is in control? and i know ed lee's the mayor, but who is in control? right now the housing authority residence tenants are left unserved because everybody is scrambling together [speaker not understood]. i don't need no permission from any of these commissions. we are going to come together and make sure these residents are represented. my name is [speaker not understood] i can't say no more, but [inaudible]. big problems. >> thanks. next speaker. >>> good afternoon, commissioners, and i am here for one reason and one reason only. and that is to thank commissioner campos, my commissioner. my name is nancy rock. i am with the democratic women in action, one of two democratic women's organizations here in san francisco. supervisor campos, excuse me, but i want to directly see him particularly. this is a very good -- >> excuse me. if i can ask yo
physician for the 1976 montreal olympics. after returning to san francisco in 1972, he joined a gay bowling league. this league inspired him to consider organizing a gay sporting event modeled on the olympics. following through with his idea, first the gay olympics was to take place in san francisco in 1982, but because of legal trouble he renamed the competition into the gay games and these events were a great success. and this is where tom also met lesbian athlete sara low enstein with whom they shared a child. their daughter, jessica, was laterborn in 1983. between returning to san francisco and the olympics, tom and his partner charles became the first gay couple to appear on the 1976 cover of people magazine and was also featured in the main article of that month's edition. in 1985 he was diagnosed of aids. he was able to participate in gay game, too, in 1986. even winning a gold in the javelin event. he lived until age 49, passing away on july 11, 1987. the city clinic in civic center was renamed to tom odell to honor his work in previous years serving as an employee there. and to spe
. welcome, everybody, welcome to san francisco. to some of you, welcome to the presidio, welcome to this absolutely gorgeous futures without violence center. i want to start by thanking futures without violence and esther solar for giving us this beautiful space to meet in today. is esther here? i haven't seen her. we'll thank her later. they made this space available for us. good morning, my name is me linda hague for those of you who don't know me. i was appointed by president obama a little more than two years ago to be united states attorney and it is my incredible honor to represent the president, the obama administration here in the northern district of california. welcome to the stop bullying summit. i'm a federal prosecutor so it may seem odd that here we are talking about bullying and we asked all of you to be here and i want to explain the origin of that and why this happened. you people, everybody in this room, has been involved in this issue and is doing incredible work on this issue and we were so honored to be a part of it and to meet with all of you and to s
francisco earthquake. the transition that will pursue from this aftermath would change san francisco's transportation system once again. facilitated by city boss, abe ruth, ushering in the electric city car. the writing was on the wall. the clammer had begun for the experiment including public transit people. owned by the people and for the people. the idea of a consolidated city-owned transit system had begun traction. and in 1909, voters went to the polls and created a bond measure to create the people's railway. would become a reality three years later. on december 28, 1912, mayor sonny rolph introduced the new geary electric streetcar line and the new san francisco railway. that he said would be the nucleus that would host the city. and san francisco gave further incentive to expand the city's network. a project by way of tunnel leading into chinatown by way of north beach. in december the first streetcar was driven into the tunnel. just two years after its berth, muni had added two lines. and k, l and m lines that span out from westportal. in 1928, the j line opened heading west
.m. thank you. [adjourned] >> hi, i'm lawrence corn field. welcome to building san francisco. we have a special series, stay safe. we're looking at earthquake issues. and today we're going to be talking with a residential building owner about what residential building owners and tenants can and should do before earthquakes and after earthquakes. ♪ ♪ >> we're here at this wonderful spur exhibit on mission street in san francisco and i have with me today my good friend george. thanks for joining me, george. and george has for a long time owned residential property here in san francisco. and we want to talk about apartment buildings and what the owner's responsibilities might be and what they expect their tenants to do. and let's start by talking a little bit about what owners can do before an earthquake and then maybe after an earthquake. >> well, the first thing, lawrence, would be to get together with your tenants and see if they have earthquake insurance or any renters insurance in place because that's going to be key to protecting them in the event of a quake. >> and renters ins
>> good afternoon, welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting of tuesday, march the 19th, 2013. madam clerk, can you please call the roll? >> supervisor avalos? avalos present. supervisor breed? breed present. supervisor campos? campos present. supervisor chiu? chiu present. supervisor cohen? cohen present. supervisor farrell? farrell absent. supervisor kim? kim present. supervisor mar? mar present. supervisor tang? tang present. supervisor wiener? wiener present. supervisor yee? yee absent. mr. president, you have a quorum. >> thank you. colleagues, we've been asked by our colleague if we can ask a motion to excuse them. motion by supervisor campos, second by supervisor wiener, they are excused. ladies and gentlemen, please join us in the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. colleagues, we have our february 12, 2013 board meeting minutes. can he have a motion to approve those minutes? motion by supervisor
.billion to go with the city of san francisco. every dollar is precious. she's going to help me collect more of it. but her exemplary skills are the talk of the town and they have benefited the entire city and her passion will be a great compliment to what has already been done. i want to thank andy zoon for this transition period. carmen shares my values and love for this city, policies of equity, of efficiencies and responsiveness for government that serves all san franciscoance. she's truly a leader and i'm so glad to perform this swearing in for carmen. so carmen, if you will, please raise your right hand and repeat after me. >> i carmen chu do solemnly a firm that i will support and defend constitution of the state of california against all enemies foreign and domestic that i will bare true faith in allegiance to the constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of california. that i take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion. and that i will well and faithfully discharge the duties upon which i'm about to enter during suc
are the drivers in that area. >> we have eight dispatch services in san francisco, dispatching taxis from 30+ taxi companies that we have; all the data that could be available from those taxis instead of coming to one point comes to eight different points. we are pulling all that information through this process into one civil point so that we are not developing an app, we are creating a pool of data; someone using that service would've access to all taxicabs in san francisco, using all dispatch services however they set them up, not pulling any information about the dispatch service or any proprietary thing that they are doing, getting location and other data about the taxicab so if i am at the corner of -- and mcallister the service can identify the taxicabs in the vicinity; we are pulling them into one place. >> let me think about that one. >> i'm sure that we have public comment that should be get a board temperature check on the amendment? you cannot take public action until you take public comment. >> public comment not only on the item? >> as proposed. >> (calling speakers) >> hello. as
to avoid incarceration and the impact of this young life is important. i think here in san francisco, we are in a long way of other communities recognizing the need to do this. and working with the young people to reduce incarceration and to involve the right services. i am excited about this. and i want you to take away one other piece. but the british are further away in this area, because they have spent the money and resources to look at this more deeply. but according to the studies by the university of europe that were released. looking at crimes involving young people. they considered them in the u.k. about 30% of the criminal justice system is impacted by people that are the ages of 18-25. unfortunately not 30% of our resources are dedicated to dealing with this group. what we often don't recognize, if we don't deal with this group at this early stage. they will also become the problem with our criminal justice system for the rest of their lives. the opportunity to intervene and the opportunity to prevent is so critical at this age group. and i am proud to be joined by so many pe
birds and san francisco's famous skyline. >> in the line between that is so natural, you can see birds and be in complete wilderness. i really like that about this. you could maybe get a little snapshot of what they are expecting. >> it is an interactive, keck sculpture that is interacted with by the visitor. >> they are a lot about and they fall down the belt. it moves the belt up, and if you turn that faster, the butterflies fall in the move of words. >> the art reflect the commission's commitment to acquiring the best work from the bay area and beyond. in addition to the five new commissions, 20 artworks that were already in the airport collection were reinstalled. some of which were historically cited in the terminal. it includes major sculptures by the international artists. as a collection, these art works tell the story of the vibrant arts scene in the early 1960's through the mid-1980s's. the illustrate san francisco's cultural center and a place of innovation that is recognized and the love throughout the world. one of the highlights is a series of three left tapestries. they
nice tonight, biggest white collar conviction in san francisco history. high-rise ripoff that sent a pair of swindlers to prison. the military does what it can to prevent another incident. also.... >> i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. cracking some showers. how long you will need the rain gear. >> and new home of the 49ers tonight. we break down the price tag for hosting the >> dan: here is a live look at sparkling el riville in the rain. hours before spring officially arrives, rain hits the bay area. good evening, i'm dan ashley. we definitely need the rain after abnormally dry winter but the question is will this make a difference? meteorologist sandhya patel is tracking the system to live doppler radar. >> unfortunately not enough to make a huge dent in our deficit but check out what we are seeing it is much needed moisture. the rainfall is widespread but now becoming more scattered in nature. we're still seeing some returns, light showers down to novato, lucas valley, san rafael and other parts of the bay area. san francisco, we are seeing a few showers heading down to south san
>> san francisco is home to some of the most innovative companies of the 21st century. this pioneering and forward looking spirit is alive in san francisco government as well. the new headquarters of the san francisco public utilities commission at a5 25 golden gate avenue is more than just a 13-story building and office ablation. instead, city leaders, departments and project managers join forces with local architectural firms ked to build one of the greatest office buildings in america. that's more than a building. that's a living system. ♪ ♪ when san francisco first bought this land in 1999, it was home to a state office building. >> this was an old eight-story brown building the state owned and the workers' comp people were in that building. it was an old dee correctvth it building for decades. when i was a member of the board of supervisors, all of us wondered why we hadn't done anything there and the mayor thought the same. >> if an earthquake happened, the building was uninhabitable. it sat there vacant for quite a while. the city decided to buy the building
ceremony is going to be held tonight and for municipal governments in san francisco this is the academy awards this is the highest honor that a city government or team can receive each year there's a panel of folks who a assemble and out of that they select i think 3 individuals and one team again out of the thousands of managers in this city so i'm very happy and proud to announce that one of our nominees is being honored lee -- our director of security investigations and emergency preparedness and enforcement is one of the award ees tonight it's a very high honor it's something that she's been recognized for although she's only been with us for a short time first as an sfpd employee she has revamped the way we prepare for and manage large events and a restructures of our enforcement division and in a very short period of time has made significant steps so we think you know we're biassed we think this is a very well deserved award and i'll be there at the event tonight to introduce her as she receives the award it's a big deal we're happy she joined the mta and i think this is award i
. the birth of a publicly own transit system. san francisco municipal railway. muni as it would become to be known. happy birthday, muni, here is to the next 100 years. the birth of muni had been a long-time coming. over the years the city was disjointed privately owned companies. horses and steam and electric-powered vehicles. creating a hodgepodge of transit options. none of them particularly satisfying to city residents. the city transit system like the city itself would have changes during the san francisco earthquake. the transition that will pursue from this aftermath would change san francisco's transportation system once again. facilitated by city boss, abe ruth, ushering in the electric city car. the writing was on the wall. the clammer had begun for the experiment including public transit people. owned by the people and for the people. the idea of a consolidated city-owned transit system had begun traction. and in 1909, voters went to the polls and created a bond measure to create the people's railway. would become a reality three years later. on december 28, 1912, mayor sonn
you an example. we now have live entertainment in san francisco, which allows amplified music until 10:00 p.m. if the conditions has no entertainment, and the entertainment, it also includes this limited live provision. we have determined in the city that this legislation is good -- good legislation. there's no conditional use requirement to have this. a lot of people today want to have food, drink, and be able to have some music. how can we get the limited live entertainment excluded from the know amplified or no live entertainment excluded on the transfers? >> that is going to mostly driven locally. most of the conditions you'll ever see on an abc license are because we rely, to a great extent, on the police department and local officials to determine what is best for their communities. i'm not trying to pin this on you guys or blame you guys, but we do try to work with you. we do not tend to want to overrule the police department very often. now that said, i get a fair number of petitions and appeals to me. typically, they are from the neighbors. i want to see that there is actually
. american canyon, napa, sonoma, you will get wet again. you can see this crosses over into san francisco right along near at&t park and headed down to the south and over near oakland and 7th. right now we have a little bit of rain an the san mateo bridge and the dumbarton bridge and 237 from mountain view and sunnyvale toward milpitas and san jose reporting light rain and sunol grade through the tri-valley, light rain right now. east of those areas it is headed your way. we have periods of rain through the morning commute and it switches to showers at noon which become scattered in the afternoon and by the evening hours, a dry push air will move in and it will be breezy and windy and brighter, thursday, friday, and saturday with temperatures near normal if not above away from the coast. >> we have a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see drops of water on the camera so there is light rain and wet roads so a great idea and you need to give your extra extra move to move. light conditions on the bay bridge with no delays here. the green on the map shows wet roads not where i
merchant in the neighborhood commercial area of san francisco, for over 25 years, and involved with the association for over 40 years. i have seen everything from the anglo california national bank to go out. i have seen changes in funeral parlors where many have gone out of business and merged with others and many changes to names. my personal example, my family had a flower shop since 1989 and i sold it to someone with another name, all of her business cards, all of her labels says flowers. hers is difference. that sign was made in the 40s and not conforming. she can't change that sign without totally taking it down which is expensive and putting up a total new one plus it has the 40s design on it. it's a little outdated now. she can't even change it now. it's a practical situation in many instances. i can go to any neighborhood in commercial district in san francisco and show you instance after instance and in fact you will find a sign permitted by the department with one name and lettering on an you auning with a newer name . i urge you to go with this one. >> thank you, m
are offering is something quintessentially san francisco. something that they cannot find anywhere else. we have two fetish fares in san francisco. there are only three other cities in the world that do that. new york, toronto, and berlin. i have been to all three and they are not nearly the same size as well we produced, or nearly as diverse. what we are always thinking about is what we are offering people that is so quintessentially san francisco that we get -- it cannot be gotten anywhere else. we are also told the switching of the entertainment this year. we have dance areas where the slides used to be. i think that for us it is about making sure that people, even if they came to san francisco in particular five years ago, that they are not experiencing the fight -- the same thing. it speaks to one of the priorities. the never-ending city. or something. i do not remember, exactly, but it is the same basic concept. even if you come here several times over and over, you will not have the same experience. as we do that, enhancing certain things. live stages have big-name bands. headlining
-- established in 1984 as a result of a consent decree following a lawsuit by the naacp against the san francisco unified school district. and the purpose of that consent decree was to really provide equal educational opportunities for all children in san francisco. and ms. sullivan has certainly helped to make that happen. she has been teaching math at burton high school for the past eight years, and she has truly been a leader throughout her tenure. she currently teaches advanced algebra honors, algebra and geometry. and i can tell you the impact that a teacher can have on the life of a student from my own personal experience is really tremendous. and i certainly remember my geometry teacher to this day, [speaker not understood]. not only her math lessons, but the life lessons she taughtv me stayed with me. ms. sullivan is widely respected for her innovative teaching style. she encourages her students to learn from one another through creative and collaborative approaches. and she truly expects the very best of every one of her students. she was recently nominated to be one of the -- to be reco
businesses here in san francisco and so i understand, finance what it takes to be successful. for a small business. the business cash flows, and etc.. and i definitely believe that the ability to purchase beer from the beer hall and carry it off-sight is going to be very critical to the success of the beer hall a very important secondary revenue stream. i have also known jen and drew for over seven years and i know them to be of the highest character and they will work very hard for this. thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> my name is jim and i am here to show my support for the beer hall and i have been following the craft beer scene for quite iwhile now and so when they told me about the plans to open the beer hall i was excited. i knew that they were going to be filling the need of offering the local craft beers to the growing number of new and discerning craft beer drinkers and offering the beers that the typical bar or store does not offer. the last couple of years i have watched them tirelessly as they worked on this project and how excited they are to be a part of the neig
for your first day of spring tomorrow. i'm monitoring that next. >>> san francisco giant's pitcher is suing for $3 million. >>> right after the break, a follow up to a story we told you about. decisions to make it easier to get a cab and why not all drivers are on board. >>> city leaders in san francisco are meeting to discuss a plan to give customers real time tracks of taxi cabs. dozens of driers line driveers lined up >> why should we do that if we can just go get a pink mustache. >> advocates say it will help them compete. we'll have more details after the meeting tonight. >>> pa lowe alto drugmaker is laying off. they may have to sell after they had to recall their only drug with serious side effects. 75% of the workforce is being laid off. san francisco's city attorney is calling to crack down on labeling of caffeinated drinks. a letter from scientist points to studies about the negative effects of high caffeine. they want manufacturers to include caffeine context. >>> march madness is i
a special edition of building san francisco, stay safe, what we are going to be talking about san francisco's earth quakes, what you can do before an earthquake in your home, to be ready and after an earthquake to make sure that you are comfortable staying at home, while the city recovers. ♪ >> the next episode of stay safe, we have alicia johnson from san francisco's department of emergency management. hi, alicia thanks to coming >> it is a pleasure to be here with you. >> i wonder if you could tell us what you think people can do to get ready for what we know is a coming earthquake in san francisco. >> well, one of the most things that people can do is to make sure that you have a plan to communicate with people who live both in and out of state. having an out of state contact, to call, text or post on your social network is really important and being able to know how you are going to communicate with your friends, and family who live near you, where you might meet them if your home is uninhab hitable. >> how long do you think that it will be before things are restored to normal in san
have a special presentation from the san francisco police commission tonight. to charles gallman who is coming forward who is the chief investigator of the occ. and he has worked for director hicks for many years. i attended a presentation that the occ had done in honor of investigator gallman and this was the best retirement party that i have been to in my entire career. let me tell you why, we are going to honor a man for 24 years of service to the occ as a chief investigator and what this makes this so important is that at his party, there were so many men and women in blue, members of the san francisco police department who showed up in honor of chief investigator gallman and i know why. the reason is that there are two words that come to mind, integrity and respect. he has the respect and integrity of everybody at the occ. and the men and women of the san francisco police department. and the members of the command staff, because charles gallman is a special person, i made a comment, you heard about the book about the greatest generation. this is the next chapter and let me tell
grateful. from the san francisco police department from greg sir to denise flair erty and cheryl jennings and the girl friday and kept us moving all day and to the communications that we got the word out through the media and laura who kept us moving today and financial support. if you read about the justice department in the paper you know we can't pay for anything. when people come to my office quite literally i can't give them coffee. people think the government is high flying and i am here to tell you it's not true. there was support for this event and we couldn't be more grateful to the people that made this possible and the rosenberg foundation and they are here, the san francisco foundation and dr. sander herself and a round of applause, the california endowment and others provided tremendous financial support so thank you very much for that. [applause] . we really do appreciate it and the cohost and mary lee and tom torque son and who you met this morning and our next panel is planning for student safety opportunity and success and planning for action around the bay. our mod
in san francisco. new at noon, janine de la vega joins us live in san francisco to explain. good afternoon, janine. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. well, we're here at the bill graham civic auditorium. hundreds of people are waiting to get in to get services to help them. the big news is that a big tech organization is deciding to devote its time and effort to help the home les. this event is held every other month in san francisco where the needy can get services. the homeless can connect with doctors, dentists, mental health along with a variety of other resources. announced it is partnering with project correct and they represent 500 companies and they are encouraging the employees of those companies to volunteer and support the services. >> individuals will either volunteer their time in an event like this, offer job training or mentorship or getting their company involved in actually sponsoring one of the larger events. >> reporter: the home is also that the tech workers will be motivated to donate money if they want to purchase eyeglasses or dentures for a homel
, cpmc will continue to hire for jobs from san francisco. but in addition to that we have improved the provisions for permanent entry level jobs. initially there were several jobs we were committing to, we have agreed to 40 percent of new entry level permanent jobs will come from san francisco. these will come from residents from real working class neighborhoods, the southeast neighborhood, sonoma, tend lions and also the work force training to $4 million. le me talk about transportation the intersection at the site. there were a lot of questions about potential 28,000 new car trips to that sight. let me say a couple things, obviously with the hospital half the size, that is less congestion to the area. the parking garage is about 200 parking spots smaller there will be $14 million to provide transit. other pedestrian safety and transit i am improvements that we need in the neighborhood. in addition to that i want to thank cpmc to help manage traffic congestion and more policies to use clipper card. this afternoon at the board of supervisors we will be introducing 10-page single sp
and county of san francisco in 1989 as the investigator for the city's first whistle blower program. prior to employment with the city and county of san francisco, he was the managing attorney for the asian law caucus. i first met ed in 1992 when he became the executive director for the human rights commission and we were both 16. that's two decades ago, ed. i watched him soon become the director of city purchasing and then going on to become the director of public works. i think ed is the only mayor in city history that can carry tlau on the campaign promise to fill the potholes because he actually knows how and he's the only mayor in city history that can say he actually knows every single city street because his crews probably paved them. i have had the privilege of working alongside ed for many years in city government. he has always been a cherished colleague and friend to everyone in city hall. he's done the job, he gets the job done, never wanting credit, just the satisfaction of doing the right thing for the people he serves in the city and county of san francisco. i was thinki
our support for supervisor wiener's proposed ordinance. it's reasonable that san francisco's implementation of c-e-q-a will, with the passage of this ordinance, become more in line with the practice of other jurisdictions throughout the state. and finally, i just want to wish everybody a happy st. patrick's day. as you know, this sunday is st. patrick's day. so, happy st. patrick's day to everybody. thank you. >> thank you. >>> howard wong with san francisco tomorrow. several days before last thanksgiving the c-e-q-a legislation that's introduced, it was to be brought to the land use committee the following monday and to the full board the following tuesday. several commissions were told that it was benign, harmless, wasn't really worth looking at, just pass it. several commissions said, well, we don't quite understand some of these issues. what is the first triggering mechanism? what are the implications? please have discussions with others to clarify some of our concerns and the community's questions. many organizations found out about that introduction of the c-e-q-a leg
off the coast line. moisture about 62 miles from san francisco getting here in the next couple hours. so steady rain coming up as you can sthee animation here. we'll see steadier rain in overnight hours continuing then at 5:00 a.m. scattered showers for the start of the commute by 1:00 p.m. cold front coming through the bay area but starts to fall. we're looking at light to moderate rain. i'll let you know how much rain we'll receive here and how long you'll need to hang on to umbrella autos crews from the water department are still mopping up the mess from a water main that broke this afternoon. that sent rushing water on to story road. east bound story road shut down to allow for clean up, buses rerouted. water service to nearby businesses and homes we understand was not affected. >> we learned today how two people died after a young race car driver lost control of the car. in a track over the weekend. a report shows the 14-year-old and 68-year-old died of multiple blunt force trauma a fourth generation racer were drive whgt car crashed on saturday. investigators are focusing on a
to weekend to help clean up. >>> taxi drivers showed up in droves, both inside and outside san francisco city hall tonight outraged about what they call an unlevel playing field. city leaders were meeting to vote on the plan that zapped real time information on caps so people can hail them using a mobile app. first they heard from cab drivers, demanding regulations. they also expressed concerns about a proposal to allow hundreds of more cabs in the next years. >> before you guys started flooding the streets there, were enough drivers to cover shifts. there aren't anymore. if you have a broken leg, i have to show up. >> why should we follow these rules when we can go get a pink mustache and ignore the rules. >> drivers said they're making 50% yet. >>> droves are for the next big thing in the aerospace industry. in sacramento, law makers heard from the military experts about the civilian use of drones. >>> the u.s. marine corps has issued a moratorium after seven marines were killed last night. this happened last night. officials say a 60 millimeter mortar exploded unexpectedly, killing the men
of the packet. i will highlight the 3 request and the one san francisco state request and michael chung will come back to highlight the geneva visibility study request. i know there is an enclosure to the request from the sponsors here. the first project is dpw request to use the funds to replace equipment and repair and cleaning vehicles in order to meet california air resources board requirements. the funds will be used on 36 vehicles that would otherwise be taken out of service. these vehicles will be retro fitted with new parts. this should be complete by 2013. the next project is dpw improvement project. the funds are used for the design and production i am improvements, 23rd avenue and flora drive. this will be a local match for federal grant funts and improvement is flashing being beacons. it will be used to april 14. the project is being coordinated with the cal trans paving project which is set to the paved in 2014. the construction of the production improvement should be completed by march 15. the final is broadway improvement phase, this will improve broadway sidewalk and in
against if mta in the future i think only the taxi companies in san francisco we can work with mta because mta controls extra things. the second thing is so many limos and the buses in the mosconi center they have no place to park the taxis nobody take care and they took the business also to the taxi and the taxi go home empty. they have families they have a children they also have a feelings. thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker? >> calling names. >> good afternoon i've been driving a taxi in san francisco since 1978 when i started driving there were 711 medalions on the street i have no idea how many now it's gotten like a war zone out there i was on third street crossing market the other day and some town car cuts me off 3 lanes just to pickup these people on the street and it wasn't even a cab it was a town car and it's gotten crazy it's really dangerous now to go out there and i could go on like this but everything the people have said today is absolutely true please pay attention to everybody thank you tlaus. applause. >> next speaker. >> calling names. >> good afternoon
far this year. >>> no leniency from the judge in the biggest fraud case in san francisco history.t we have tonight we have developments that you will see only on abc7 news. jay shaw received 20 years in prison and a 14 million dollar fine. winston lum got 13 years and a $4.5 million fine. they were convicted of forging deeds to luxury condos at one rincon hill seen here from sky 7hd. that's the big tower at the foot of the bay bridge. then they took out millions of dollars in loans against those condos. >> new at 11:00, the mystery of items disappearing from the storage units in cam del -- in campbell i solved.arently solved. they captured the man who committed more than 30 burglaries. here you can see some of that stolen loot. officers say they found them in a storage space represented by felipe rubio and he now faces charges. >>> and a judge asked two psychiatrists to comam minute ee the -- to examine the man accused of stealing a yacht. he is accused of stealing the $2 million yacht two weeks ago and then running it a ground on a beach in pacifica. if the doctors agree he isn't wel
matter settled. thank you. >> good afternoon commissioners, my name is james. i live in san francisco. i was concerned about the designs, the architectural designs, the technology in the buildings, if they would be rather dated for 6 years and perhaps should be reviewed by the planning commission. it doesn't have to be extensive review but go over the details and say does this look good in san francisco right now. i know the museum is gutting the mural building which is less than 20 years old because already it's dated. i don't know if there is a mechanism for that, but perhaps, you should be articulated. also, i think the time period was 18 months in 2007, i'm not sure, but looking back at these times it was a soft -- ending. not three years and in my opinion the approval process for 801 brannan street and they promised to build the same building but they did not. those are my thoughts. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. sean --rba. the last five years have been very unique. money is starting to return and while we look at the landscape and cranes. those cranes are product
. >> the stadium boosters have managed to admit that the deal benefits the san francisco 49ers, but not the city of santa clara. >> reporter: santa clara's competition did not approve the financial incentives requested by the nfl. >>> more details now, the bay area could see revenue similar to new orleans in this year's super bowl. that was about $185 million. league owners are expected to vote on whether the bay area or miami hosts super bowl 50 on may 21st. if the bay area loses super bowl 50 it will go up against houston. >>> this last night of winter we're back on storm watch. a late season storm is inging much needed rain to the bay area and making for wet roads around the bay area. bill martin will show us where the rain is falling now. we start with christien kafton. >> reporter: there are wet roads here. you may be able to see rain in the headlights there. some people were caught off guard by this last blast of winter. the boys of summer had to play ball with a little winter weather tonight. the world baseball classic drew crowds. >> i told him if he needs it i'm going to remember he ma
have managed to admit that the deal benefits the san francisco 49ers, but not the city of santa clara. >> reporter: santa clara's competition did not approve the financial incentives requested by the nfl. >>> more details now, the bay area could see revenue similar to new orleans in this year's super bowl. that was about $185 million. league owners are expected to vote on whether the bay area or miami hosts super bowl 50 on may 21st. if the bay area loses super bowl 50 it will go up against houston. >>> this last night of winter we're back on storm watch. a late season storm is bringing much needed rain to the bay area and making for wet roads around the bay area. bill martin will show us where the rain is falling now. we start with christien kafton. >> reporter: there are wet roads here. you may be able to see rain in the headlights there. some people were caught off guard by this last blast of winter. the boys of summer had to play ball with a little winter weather tonight. the world baseball classic drew crowds. >> i told him if he needs it i'm going to remember he made fun of me
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